Carmelita is a Republican running for the House of Representatives for the 11th District to uphold our constitutional freedoms and be a voice for our free market economy. Her life has been a testimony to the American dream and the freedoms of this great nation. She is determined to bring a refreshing perspective, Integrity, and a Common Sense approach to our nation’s capital.

Carmelita is deeply concerned about the future of America. She loves this country and hates to see the trend toward Socialism. 

That’s why Carmelita Greco is running for Congress. Carmelita is not a career politician. She is a woman of integrity and action, who has found success as a financial consultant, entrepreneur, ministry leader, and non-profit founder. Carmelita creates and runs the International Fine Art fund to support artists of faith. 

Carmelita was born and raised in southeast Michigan. She is the mother of 3 great children and wife to Eric Greco.  

Her expertise and business experience expand to international markets, manufacturing, international missions, and bridging gaps between cultures, communities and faith. 

Who is Carmelita Greco?

Carmelita is a Mother, Christ Follower, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Leader and Republican Candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District. Carmelita is running for Congress because she understands that we need people in Washington who stand for the principles of lower taxes, less government and more freedom. We need someone who understand our needs as a parent, as a business owner or employee and as a member of our community. We need someone who is willing to fight on our behalf to make Southeast Michigan a better place to live, work and raise a family.


America was founded by people of faith, fighting against religious persecution, and fighting for the right to express their own beliefs individually.  The founders of our great nation understood that the most intimate and personal right we have is the right to religiously believe what we want and ‘not prohibit the free exercise thereof.’ 

My strong faith has been one of the primary foundations of my success and development as a mother, an entrepreneur and a community leader. This has pushed me to work hard to preserve the freedom of religion in our country. I have been a voice for the people of faith through the International Fine Art Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization that I founded, as well as my advocacy for the arts and religion.

Carmelita Greco


Pro-life values are focused on the family and as a pro-life conservative, Carmelita will advocate for those pro-life and pro-family values. Reducing the role of the federal government in our schools while expanding parents’ options to have a voice on how their child will be raised outside the home will ensure that their child receives quality education.

I am dedicated to supporting all of our families in the community, for I believe that a principled and prosperous nation starts at home. As a mother, I am committed to helping parents and families instill those strong values at home in our communities.

Carmelita Greco


Freedom from tyranny and oppression is at the core of American values and the freedom to pursue happiness is an absolute American ideal. That privilege is the fabric of our nation and is the greatest inheritance of America as many of our veterans fought and sacrificed their lives to protect this right.  All gave some and some gave all.  Despite any political differences we may have, on this, we must all agree.

I strongly believe that freedom is everything. This is why I am dedicated to preserving our constitutional rights and freedom, not letting anyone’s liberty diminish under the powers of social pressure or fear.

Carmelita Greco